It is used in many applications, for the production of pulp, aluminum, sugar, soaps and detergents. It is used as catalyst in production of biodiesel. It is used as a cleaning and disinfectant agent.

  • Cleaning and disinfectant product : It is used in the production of soaps and different detergents. Chlorine bleach is produced by the combination of chlorine and caustic soda.

  • Pharmaceuticals: It is widely used in this industries, especially in production of medicines like aspirin, anticoagulants which helps in preventions of blood clots, and cholesterol reducing medications.

  • Energy : Caustic soda is used in fuel cell productin. Fuel cells worl like battries to cleanly and efficiently produce electricity for a wide range of application which includes transport, material handlingand emergency power backup applications. Epoxy resins prepared with caustic soda, which are used in wind turbines.

  • Water treatment: Municipal water treatment use caustic soda to regulates the acidity in the water and removes heavy metals. Caustic soda is used in manufacture of sodium hypochlorite, which is a water disinfectant.

  • Food Industry It is used widely in food industry, especially in curing foods like olives which gives characteristic crunch. Caustic soda is used to removes skins of vegetables and fruits. It is also prevents microbial growth in food.